1,000 Miles in 2021

Walk 1,000 miles in 9 months
About the Challenge

I first tried a challenge like this 2019 when I set out to complete 2,000 miles in the calendar year. By the end of June I was behind the target and my walking came to an end as I lost interest


This time as I am only starting on 1st April I am setting the target at 1,000 miles. This is a lower daily requirement that in 2019, as I want to make it achievable while still being a challenge. Should I achieve this I will again go for 2,000 miles in a calendar year in 2022.To qualify the miles will have to be walked as part of a GPS tracked and be a minimum of 2 miles. The distance count from each walk will be rounded down to the nearest 1/2 mile

Challenge Progress

The following table details each walk undertaken and shows the walk name along with the distance walked and the total distance walked on this challenge to date. To view details of each walk click on the walk name in the table.


DateWalkMilesMiles to Date
13/04/2021Home Daily4.530.5
12/04/2021Home Daily326
11/04/2021CW – Quatt623
08/04/2021Home Daily417
07/04/2021Home Daily313
06/04/2021Home Daily310
05/04/2021Home Daily3.57
04/04/2021Home Daily3.53.5